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Stihl Professional Chain Saws for sale

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Stihl Chainsaw MS 201T 12 inch bar.

Up in the trees, different rules apply. Weight matters, thereís no margin for error and the
arborist needs a chain saw thatís quick, easy to start and gives the performance they expect.
The NEW STIHL MS 201 T retains all the familiarity of the leading MS 200 T as well as
already meeting EU II emissions limits for 2015. Designed to improve productivity, performance and
comfort, this powerful pro arborist saw provides a 15% better cutting performance, 20% improved
fuel consumption, 100% longer filter life and a higher power to weight ratio compared to its
predecessor. It also has noticeably lower vibrations, with the right hand figure reducing to 3.1 m/s2.
Itís a real professional Ė just like the arborists who itís designed for.

stihl chainsaw MS201T

The NEW Stihl MS 201 T is the ideal top-handle chainsaw for the professional user.

Engine displacement 35.2cc.

Power output of 1.8 KW or 2.4 hp

3/8 chain with 12 inch bar.

Dry weight is 3.7kg.


Stihl Chain saw MS 261 CM 18 inch bar.

The Stihl MS261 CM is a very light, handy and powerful professional chain saw. The electronic self-tuning engine management system means that the fuel supply is electronically controlled and the machine automatically adapts to operating and ambient conditions, ensuring optimal engine performance every time. The memory function remembers previous operating conditions and allows you to restart quickly after an extended break. With easy-clean HD2 filter, controlled-delivery oil pump and practical features such as a stainless steel muffler, captive nuts on the sprocket cover and monocoque cover with three quick release fasteners. The 2-MIX technology in the innovative STIHL MS 261 C-M ensures up to 20% less fuel consumption and up to 50% emissions reduction compared to the same power STIHL two-stroke engines without 2-MIX technology.

stihl chainsaw MS261

The Stihl MS261 is ideal mid-range professional Stihl chainsaw.

Engine displacement 50.2cc.

Power output of 2.8KW or 3.8hp

.325 chain with 18 inch bar.

Dry weight is 5.2kg.


Stihl Chainsaws Northern Ireland - Available to customers all over Ireland - Why pay more?

Stihl Chainsaw MS 461.

Stihl high performance saw for thinning work in medium and high density stands. Stihl MS461 is the successor to the tried-and-tested MS 460 has a new fuel-efficient, low-emission 2-MIX engine, significantly better torque build-up, a long-life HD2 filter and impressive cutting performance for better control during plunge cutting jobs.

Stihl Chainsaw MS 461

The Stihl MS461 is a very powerful 77cc saw for professional use

Engine displacement 76.5cc.

Power output of 4.4KW or 6hp

Dry weight is 6.7kg.

3/8" Rapid Super Comfort chain

Stihl Chainsaws available in Rep. of Ireland are the same as the chain saws we sell in Northern Ireland
Spare parts are readily available from any Stihl dealer- North or South!

Stihl Chain saw MS 880.

For the most demanding challenges and extreme conditions when harvesting big timber, the
STIHL MS 880 meets the need. Robust design and excellent power to weight ratio make this
saw ideal for the toughest jobs in the forest. Available in guide bar lengths 25" to 36".

Stihl Chain saw MS 880

The Stihl MS880 is a powerful 121.6cc saw - top of the Stihl range of chain saws.

Engine displacement 121.6cc.

Power output of 6.4KW and 8.7hp

.404 Rapid Super chain

Dry weight is 9.8kg.

Stihl chain saws MS880 - for the professional user

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