AM RENTALS Cornmarket Newry N. Ireland, Sales of water pumps

Water pumps sale Newry, Northern Ireland.

Water pumps with GENUINE HONDA Engines.

water pump in action
koshin waterpump
Honda 2inch Water Pump
Honda powered 2 inch Water Pump - KOSHIN
Koshin Water Pump
Honda 4 hp industrial engine
Centrifugal pump, max head 30m, flow 620 litres / min
Trash Pump
koshin waterpump
Tanaka Water Pump TCP25B Ponstar 2 inch submersible water pump
2 stroke 21cc engine 110 volt 700 watt motor, flow 290 litres per min, max head 10m
one inch, 120 litres per min, suction 8m, del 35m ideal for heavy duty contruction use

Telephone Newry 028 302 66665 (from R.O.Ireland 048 302 66665)