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Tanaka chainsaws to any county in Ireland, EURO SALE now on

TANAKA Chainsaws | Tanaka Leaf Blowers | Tanaka Dealers, Newry, Northern Ireland

All Tanaka Chainsaws are made in Japan.

Tanaka saws for sale in Newry - where your Euro goes further.

Tanaka chainsaws are made in Japan.
We are happy to deliver your new Tanaka chain saw right to your door.
We pre assemble and test run every saw before delivery.
If you require any advice or help on any chainsaw then telephone us in Newry 028 302 66665 or from South 048 302 66665

Tanaka saws can be courier delivered to any County in Ireland. We assemble, check and run each chainsaw before delivery.

Tanaka chainsaw
Tanaka Chainsaw ECV3351 - click me for another look
33cc engine, 14inch bar with 3/8 chain , 3.5kg
Ideal for general use - shrubs, bushes, firewood
Tanaka chainsaw
Tanaka Chainsaw ECV3801 - click me for another look
Our price: £319.00 inc vat
39cc engine, 15inch bar with 325 chain, 4.0kg
General purpose including farm use, small trees
Tanaka chainsaw
Tanaka Chainsaw ECV 4501 - click me for another look
Our price: £360.00 inc vat
43cc engine, 18inch bar with 325 chain, only 4.0kg weight.
Light weight but but strong - ideal farm use chain saw

Tanaka Chainsaws for sale, Newry, Northern Ireland.

We can deliver you Tanaka Chain Saw anywhere in Ireland - just call us on ( from ROI 048 ) 302 66665

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